Sophisticated finds for the NEC ‘Antiques for Everyone’ 10-12 April 2014

Just when you think that everything is sorted, organised to within an inch, preparation complete, labels made: something comes along to completely spoil your plans…

Whilst this may sound like despair, it is not, just a vexed Virgoan, trying to retain absolute control of her plans for the upcoming NEC.

‘What’, I hear you ask, ‘has thrown her into such confusion?’  Nothing more than two wonderful items of Ruskin pottery.  But how to fit them in?

The planning started in early March 2014 and each shelf has a scale drawing with the item space and coordinates.  My plans for each section of display have taken all the available space in the cabinets, so perhaps a full rethink, or just a re-jig. The Ruskin sections ( crystalline, matt, flambe, high-fired) have all been colour coded, organised into bowls and vases, height sorted.  But these items are so rare and special they need inclusion, partly because they are blue and partly because they glimmer with sophistication.

The first is a blue matt crystalline bowl on three legs.  The glaze drips in blues, from the mightiest royal blue through cerulean and pales to white over an ivory ground.  Think sunset in Africa combined with an uprising storm.  However, this does not make this item special, it is the patterning around the rim, notched with Celtic symbolism, there are a number of integral Ruskin oval plaques inserted onto the rim.  So unusual and not seen by myself whilst I have been collecting this gorgeous art pottery.  Intrigued?  Come along to Stand B42 at the NEC to examine this beautiful thing.

Next up is the kingfisher high-fired trumpet vase.  For those of you who love this style of Ruskin ceramics, the gentle opalesence of the kingfisher colours, this is for you.  Shimmering like an oil slick on water the loops and whorls of blues and purples glide across the surface in mesmeric lines.  Compelling and beautiful.  A must have.

So you see, I do have to amend my plans and include these two beauties.  Ah well, back to the drawing board.