Scooters at Harrogate and the bliss of sales to people who are interested

All too often now there is a phalanx of people who attend antiques fairs and do nothing but drift up and down the aisles like flotsam and jetsam. You have to question why they are there in the first place, spending good money to get in and then developing the most vacuous of faces whilst licking their over-priced ice creams. But even more bizarrely was the child on the scooter, zooming up and down between the stalls. What possessed the parents? Do they not realise how rare, expensive and breakable some stock is? Clearly not. As they let their progeny scoot. Clearly the collective parental gene-pool was minus several odd brain cells…

Anyway, the whole point of this blog, now the rant is over was to discuss the idea of the fair circuit and who they aimed at. it is clearly NOT those who want some free entertainment and nicely delineated tracks for their child’s scooter. It is however, for those who love their antiques. When such a wonderful show is put on by Bowmans and their wonderful dealers covering the most diverse of antique disciplines, you hope for a more informed visitor. it is now time to tell my small story.
Last November at the same venue, I had a repeat customer who had received a small Georgian lace pin as a gift for her granddaughter. This Harrogate, the granddaughter was brought to meet me, and another purchase was made…it is all about creating interest. And the interest of a new generation. Otherwise how will the trade survive?