Expertise in Blue John and its restoration

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When faced with a difficult problem – the experts rely on Andrew Elliot. His unique skills and craftsmanship with Blue John, gained over the last 25 years, make him the first person to contact when things go wrong.

The chalice pictured was damaged accidentally. The Antiques Bazaar were contacted immediately. On visiting to see whether the item could be restored, Andy looked at it from every angle. It would be a restoration of immense difficulty and precise engineering. In short the stem needed cutting flat around the steel off-centre insert, the base needed the old residue removing, and a new knop needed to be made in exactly matching stone. Quite a tall order, but as the chalice was originally made around 1800, it was worth doing.

A number of obstacles had to be overcome and without going into full technical detail, the most worrying was drilling the new knop off-centre and inserting the steel support, then aligning the pieces so it looked seamless.

This entailed several months’ work and though not continuous, the delicacy called for meant it progressed a little at a time.

When the chalice was delivered we were very highly praised for the excellent quality of the work.

If you are interested in Blue John do have a look at Andrew Elliot’s work. And if you need any Blue John restoration completing by an exceptional craftsman, contact Andrew Elliot via the website or either of the business numbers.