15 carat opal and diamond pendant earrings

15 carat opal and diamond pendant earrings

Code: AE003

£975.00 Approx

A beautiful pair of crystal gem opal and diamond earrings, with the opal millegraine set in 15 carat gold.  The opals have brilliant colour-play of turquoise, red, orange, yellow, violet, greens and blues.  

The modern name of the gem opal is derived from three separate sources: the ancient Sanskrit Upala – which means "precious stone"; the Latin Opalus; and the Greek Opallios which both mean "to see color change".  Precious opals are highly valued.  They are constantly changing in every light they are worn.  These earrings combine brilliance of opal colour, with the twinkle of small old-cut diamonds.  Dating to circa 1905, these are a beguiling pair of earrings.

Historically, the Ancient Romans were the first owners of opal jewellery.  The wealthy citizens of this powerful empire acquired disposable income and a passion for gems. Opal, whose colours changes dependent upon the light, was rarer than pearls and diamonds and therefore highly desirable.

For the British love of opal we look to the reign of Queen Victoria, who wore opals throughout her reign, and in the latter years of this a number of opal fields were discovered in Australia.  Lightning Ridge, important for its black and crystal opals was worked from 1905.